2014 Registrations open Wednesday September 3rd!

Disciplines Overview

SUP Disciplines – Under 18

Secondary School SUP (1km)

The exceptionally fast growing of SUP in NZ has seen a huge request for SUP at secondary school level. To further assist this growth we will be supplying BIC One Design Race type boards and paddles to ensure that school financial involvement & travel logistics are kept to a minimum. Introducing a new generation to SUP.

Final event format for this category to be finalised based on confirmed participant numbers. SUP equipment available from 5pm to 555pm (your event conclusion)

SUP Disciplines – Open (18+)

SUP Novice (1km)

An introduction to SUP for the adult beginner with an eye to taking part in longer more challenging courses at a later date. This will be a 'U Shaped' course kept close to the beach comprising a 1km course to further encourage someone to give SUP a go in a friendly, social yet still competitive environment.

BIC One Design Fleet (1.5km lap)

For the SUP enthusiast currently with no equipment We are able to supply a board and paddle to take part in a division where everyone is all on the same equipment. An additional rental fee is required additional to your entry fee. All 12 week entries in this category go in in the draw to win their setup at the end of the season.

SUP equipment available from 5:55pm (end of the Secondary school SUP event) to 6:55pm (your event conclusion)

Womens SUP - 2 Lap (3km)

A SUP event for women with a Race style SUP board keen to do 2 laps instead of three, for a total paddle distance of 3km. A category brought in to further increase female participation and enjoyment at the Jetts City Surf Series.

SUP Surfboard (3km).

A SUP event for those with a Surfboard style SUP, up to 12'6 length. The Board must have a rounded, surf style nose on the board. This was our largest category in Season one and will continue to be a highly competitive yet fun focused category.

You can also enter as a Team as well as an individual, just like in the Night SUP Race.

SUP Race board (4.5km).

Exciting new format for Season 2, with 3 different wave starts, designed to eliminate congestions on the start line and when rounding buoys. It will also provide competitive yet fun racing in all 'waves' no matter what your level.

A ranking event will happen one week before Event 1 to sort out who starts in which wave for week 1 including:

  • Wave 1 – Fastest 25x SUP Qualifiers (Same start as last year)
  • 1 minute gap
  • Wave 2 - Next 25 x SUP Qualifiers (Beach start, no run)
  • 1 minute gap
  • Wave 3 – Remaining SUP Qualifiers (Beach start, no run).
  • Final numbers in each wave to be decided based on total SUP raceboard entries

Wave movement

If you place in the top 3 positions of wave 2 and 3, you move up a wave for next week. If you are in the bottom 3 positions of wave 1 and 2, you move down a wave.

Categories you'll be able to enter for both male and female within this format will be:

  • 12'6 Race Board
  • 14 Foot Race Board (under 90kgs)
  • 14 Foot Race Board (Over 90kgs)
  • Masters Category (50+ as of Nov 7th 2013). This is any board length of your choice up to 14 foot.
You can also enter as a Team of 4 as well as an individual, just like in the Night SUP Race.

Point Allocation

The winner of Wave 1 is allocated 100 points. Points are then allocated as a percentage based for all competitors from all three waves based on the winner of Wave 1s time.

Additional Events – Open (18+)

Ski Paddle (7.5km)

Our aim is to get a minimum of 40 Ski Paddlers competing each week, heavily growing this discipline within our series is a major target and focus. The Ski Paddle field do a 7.5km course incorporating downwind legs as its top priority. A variety of challenging courses, designed by our ski paddle crew throughout the series will be the focus so a variety of courses throughout the series making for exciting competition.

Surfboard paddle

A mid week paddle fitness option for the keen surfer unable to get out for a surf during the week. Also a great option for fitness for someone keen on increasing their wave count when surfing.

Jetts City Surf Series Waterman - 2 Disciplines

Are you a Competent Stand Up Paddle boarder and surfer? Well here's an event to increase your fitness and performance across both sports on the same day. You'll start with a 5.40pm surfboard paddle sprint then get a short rest before doing a 4.5km SUP event in the raceboard class of your choice i.e either the 12'6, 14 Footer or Masters.

Additional Events – Open (18+)


An inter surf club competition for our upcoming Lifeguards, Watermen and Women of tomorrow. Last year we had Whangamata surf club taking part, this summer we have a number of other clubs keen to challenge them weekly at Mission Bay.

Newly Added – Waterfront Run

Waterfront Run - 5km Run, Under 18 & 18+

A new addition to the Jetts City Surf Series to further increase family and friend participation each Thursday evening at Mission Bay. This event is designed to cater for all running levels, advanced through to the enthusiast. Our new running specific apparel sponsor will be announced shortly to further add to this events credentials and excitement. Designed to start on the sand the run will head along Tamaki Drive towards Ohaku Bay, finishing back on the sand alongside all board and paddle competitors. Spaces will be limited to 60 competitors in our first year of running this discipline.
All entrants must be able to complete 5km within 40 minutes.

Run sheet

5:35pm Race Briefing for 540pm, 541pm and 542pm starts.
5:40pm Surfboard Paddle
5:41pm SUP Novice
5:42pm Auckland Secondary School SUP. Using the Bic One Design Fleet.
6:15pm Main Race Briefing for open racings.
6:20pm Open Racing begins as follows:
  • 620pm - Ski Paddle 7.5km (3x 2.5km laps)
  • 620pm - Run Field
  • 621pm - SUP Race board – Wave 1 - (4.5km total)
  • 622pm - SUP Race board – Wave 2 - (4.5km total)
  • 623pm - SUP Race board – Wave 3 - (4.5km total)
  • 624pm - SUP Surfboard - (3km total)
  • 625pm - Womens SUP – 2x Laps - (3km total)
  • 626pm - Bic One Design Fleet - (1.5km total)
  • 627pm - SUP Social then leave for their paddle
  • 700pm – All Competitors should be finished.
  • 730pm – Spot prizes and a Mini Prize giving at 'The Clubhouse'