City Surf

New to City Surf ?

Our focus with the City Surf Series is to provide a series of social beach events tailored for the complete beginner and enthusiast through to the advanced athlete. We have a large emphasis on the event being social, friendly and encouraging, complemented each week by our weekly spot prize after party at Mexicali Fresh in Mission Bay. At the City Surf Series we do whatever we can to accommodate new participants requirements.

We are so passionate about our awesome evening at Mission Bay Beach we want as many people as possible to come and experience the social vibe at the beach each Thursday over summer.

On site at each event we'll have a team of helpful volunteers able to fully assist you on the event day to get you involved and help introduce you to new people and an exciting new challenge.

Coaching Clinics
We will be offering coaching and training options for some divisions leading into the start of the series which will also run throughout the summer. We want to ensure that participants are getting maximum enjoyment with their time at the City Surf Series.

Feel free to contact us at any stage via the contact form with any questions that you may have. 

Come on down and join in the City Surf Series.