Teen / Junior SUP

Teen SUP

We will have at least 2 different age categories in the Teen SUP for both boys and girls. These are based on your age as of event #1 which is Thursday November 10th.
* 14 & Under (male and female categories)
* 18 & Under (male and female categories)

Participants are encouraged to bring their own equipment (SUPs up to 12’6 in length), however the team at Red Paddle Co, Starboard & BIC can provide all SUP equipment (boards, paddles and leashes) each week on the beach for those who require it. Equipment available is limited to approx 35x boards and paddles so register quickly from September 29th.

Event Timings:
440pm - 5pm - Teen SUP participants to sign in. Equipment available for use once signed in.

Junior SUP

The Junior SUP event is designed for those 18 or under Teens who own a Race Board which is 12’6ft and under in length, and for those who class themselves more competent paddlers than the U18 & U14 group Teen SUP paddlers. The Junior SUP 12'6 event will be a two lap (3km) course starting alongside other 2 lap adult categories.

Event Briefing: 615pm
Event Start Time: 627pm
Laps: 2
Distance: Up to 3km
Board: Race board SUP up to 12'6 in length
Division: Male & female