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Weekly SUP Team Relay

Ideal for newbies, friends sharing a board, families, school or work teams. The Team SUP Relay event is a social paddling event, designed for participants who are completely new to SUP and want to have a go in a fun, social, team environment.
There must be four people in a team, with at least one female per team.
The teams relay event will be a short course, very close to the beach totaling 4 short laps (1 lap each). The relay course will be solely for the relay teams. This event starts at 630pm and is the last paddle event to get underway each Thursday/Sunday but designed so each team finishes in unison with all other event participants.
We encourage workplaces to enter their staff as a corporate team, and include your own branding on your event singlets.
Ideally each team provides their own equipment, however a limited number of boards and paddles are available for City Surf teams if required. Each team member is to compete on the same team board but each team member can have their own paddle.
Each team member is to complete 1x lap with the final team member to run over the finish line upon team completion. 

If a team has only three members present on any given event day, one team member may do two laps so the team can take part but team points will not be counted for this event. It is down to each team to ensure you have 4x team members turn up each week
All team members must be present ideally for the 615pm briefing.
Laps: 1 lap for each team member
Distance: Up to 2km (total)
Board: Any SUP type up to 12'6 in length
Division: Mixed Team, must have at least 1x female per team.