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End of Season Prizes

The big prize at the end of the 2017/18 season prize giving is a sensational holiday for 2 thanks to Pete from Island Holidays, Fiji Airways. Any participant who completes 8 or more of the 12x races will be in the draw to win the stunning holiday. 

End of Season Prize Giving -
SUP Centre, Newmarket times tba.

Overall Category 1st, 2nd & 3rd place getters will be recognized on the podium and will be awarded prizes at End of Season Prizegiving. Place getters must have completed 8 races to be eligible for prizes.


1st, 2nd & 3rd place getters in 3x Age Groups including Masters will also be recognised on the podium and will be awarded medals at End of Season Prizegiving. You are automatically entered into this.

Prize giving will start with the Kids SUP categories first. The order of categories to follow will be the categories with the most people who have completed 8x events, finishing with the category with the least number of participants to complete 8x events. This means that the divisions with the most participants in them will give the podium finisher from that division the first choice of prizes.

All SUP & Ski Paddle podium finishers please bring along your paddle for your podium photos.

Prizes for Podium finishers:
• There will be 3x prize tables: a table for 1st place prizes, a table for 2nd place prizes and a table for 3rd place prizes.
• After being called to the podium, you will be asked to select your prize from the appropriate table (if you competed in 8x events). We will remind you on the night if you are to select a prize. 
• Feel free to arrive early to check out the prize table in advance, but please remember due to the order of category winners, you may not receive your first choice. All prizes are a suitable size to take home with you that evening.


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