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About Us

The City Surf series was created by Event Director Troy Huston in 2012 with the help of his wife Stacey.

Troy and Stacey saw the need for an event where friends and their families could catch up on a regular basis while keeping fit over summer. With the two of them being keen paddle boarders, the series has evolved over the years continuing to grow in the numbers and depth of participants, while keeping the focus on social, fitness and fun.

A large reason for the development of City Surf was seeing family, mates & peers becoming increasingly busy with their work, ambitions and family commitments, not having much time for fun, fitness and the sports they love to do. 12x summer events provides a great option for a healthy work and life balance.

The City Surf Series offers a friendly atmosphere where all the family can get involved and participate each week at Auckland's beautiful Mission Bay and Okahu, plus two destination races at the stunning Pauanui Beach and 3 Mile Bay, Lake Taupo.

There is something for everyone with a range of categories available to enter whether you are a newbie, novice, teen, enthusiast or a more competitive athlete. All ages and experience levels are welcome.